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 Greenhouse Maintenance

Can you say Greenhouse Maintenance without cringing or without worrying that your maintenance crew may not be able to complete their daily tasks with the amount of maintenance that needs to be completed?

G&V is your company. We figure out what you need and work alongside with your company and staff to ensure food safety, personal safety, and respect for the crops around the area that we are working.

Services Include but not limited to the following:

Insect netting cleaning

Light cleaning

Fixing small or large leaks in irrigation lines

Roof leaks

Vent repair

Screening repairs

Irrigation repairs

Ghost alarm solving

Replacement of Cloth

Ground cover

Manifold repair work

Welding leaks in heating lines


Do you need a structure built? We can build for your company or complete the following items for your building needs:


Lifting steel



Insect netting

Hanging lights


Irrigation placement

Irrigation lines

Irrigation room


Water discharge pipe excavation and laying

Project Management

Int the USA rules are changing in each state so rapidly you typically have to employ a General Contractor for your build. The GC that you employ will most likely not have a background in the facility that you are wanting to build or invest in. This is where G&V comes in. G&V can help your GC out. Since building greenhouses is a niche market they will be unable to forsee future issues with what they are doing, and not understand that there is a method to the building process of a greenhouse.

G&V can be on your side. G&V will make sure you get the quality you deserve. We will provide you with photos and documentation to ensure that you have a partner that will keep your investment on time. We keep subcontractors and contractors together in a team atmosphere that working together doesn't have to be a fight. The less tension on the subcontractors and making everyone as satisfied as possible so they don't lose money on their jobs as well.