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Comprehensive Greenhouse Services

We treat each project as if it were our own greenhouse by striving for perfection, which then leads to repeat customers.

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Services Offered

G&V Greenhouse Solutions, LLC is your partner in all greenhouse ventures. No project is too big or too small for us. We are located in Sunman Indiana but we service the entire USA. Check out the full list of our services below to find out how we can help you with your project.

Greenhouse Structures

We provide high-tech facilities ranging from one to five acres.


We offer consulting services for investment companies, universities, startups, and more.

New Construction

We are available for building, project management, and installation.

Current Structures

We can give advice on structures, from those that are newly built to those that are more than 20 years old. We can even provide retrofitting. We know that sometimes an outside opinion can give your operation the solution you have been seeking.

Greenhouse Project Management

Whether you have half an acre or more than 140 acres to build, we can be your eyes. We will go through the process with you and ensure that your project is built to scope and on schedule.

Greenhouse Repair

Sometimes, parts malfunction! When that happens, we are here to assist you. We do screening, glazing, irrigation, heating, structural, and other repairs. We also supply the parts needed.


G&V provides growers’ assistance in choosing what would be best for their systems. This includes choosing pumps and systems that allow the grower to be at a high level of efficiency.

Greenhouse Supplies

  • Carts
  • Boilers
  • Fertilizers
  • Screening
  • Insect Netting
  • Crop Wire (Midwest-Based)
  • Screen Cloth
  • Grow Lights
  • Artificial Lighting
    • HPS
    • LED
    • Integrated Lighting
    • Water Cooling LED
  • Metric Pipe
  • Metal Fabricating (Midwest-Based)
  • Irrigation Units

We pride ourselves in our long history of accomplishments through our partnerships with our customers. We treat each project as if it were our own greenhouse by striving for perfection, which then leads to repeat customers. Sometimes during the planning and building phases, unforeseen circumstances arise and we will offer solutions to guide you through. We want you to be happy during every step of the process.

Contact us today to see what we have to offer and why we are the right choice!

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