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Agrolux mix lighting

Agrolux is a worldwide supplier of assimilated

lighting for horticulture.

We distinguish ourselves based on advice, service and quality. We produce our own luminaries and export them to clients worldwide. Our broad knowledge, extensive experience and our smart and innovative technological solution…

Led-lighting is currently growing rapidly and Agrolux’s department of development involves themselves in all the current led developments.

Agrolux currently offers led-tubes in every desired colour-combination. All led-tubes conform to the IP65-norm and are therefore very suitable in extremely humid (germination) spaces. The tubes are delivered (as a standard) in lengths of 1.20 metre and has a 2 metre connecting cable. The interlight-modules are delivered in lengths of 2.50 metres. There are two possible voltage connections: 230V and 400v.

Agrolux HPS lighting

Agrolux is the most comprehensive supplier of luminaries.

We use high quality bulbs for our luminaries but you can also come to us for loose bulbs. We deliver bulbs worldwide to replace and optimize existing installations.

We offer a wide assortment of bulbs. This is unique as we offer different brands, suitable for all types of luminaries on the market. Because we deliver numerous brands, we can provide the right advice for every unique installation. This ensures that you always get the best advice on the basis of the right price- and quality ratio.

Higher yield? 

Ask us for advice!

With Agrolux, we help horticultural business achieve the highest possible yield for your situation. This can be done in various ways, not only by installing more light. You can also achieve a higher yield by making smart choices. For example:

  • using different reflectors
  • choosing a different color spectrum
  • adding led-lighting
  • switching luminaries

Big savings thanks to electronic luminaries

In most cases the output of yield improves by increasing light. Old installations with conventional luminaries are replaced by electronic luminaries. In most cases an electronic installation seems more expensive than an old conventional installation. At Agrolux we consider the return and long-term aspects of your business. Then conventional lighting seems less economical: it generates a low output of light, different to electronic luminaries. Because electronic luminaries are regulated by a circuit board, a lot of energy can be saved in the long-term.

What is the best lighting solution for your nursery?

Agrolux examines your specific situation to find out how the highest yield can be obtained. With use of a lighting plan, we look to find the best solution together with the client. We are happy to advise you in the possibilities to optimize your crop or cultivation! Phone or email us for an appointment.

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