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G&V Greenhouse Solutions provides companies all over the world with greenhouse structures, products and installations for their greenhouse needs. 

 We are focused on providing Greenhouse Structures, Consulting, Greenhouse Construction Supervision, and Installation Services. We are proud of our knowledge and experience thru our Dutch heritage and American business style.  We employ highly qualified supervisors who have experience building/installing every style of greenhouse to ensure we can bring you the quality and solutions your company deserves.  We work with reputable companies in the United States & Holland to bring you the supplies you need, when you need them.  We listen to your needs as every greenhouse is different and know your solutions are needed quickly.


As builders we see what is trending to the future which are OSHA rules and regulations. All G&V employees hold OSHA certifications. OSHA regulated jobs located in municipalities, and areas when dealing with general contractors are our specialties.


Greenhouse Structures: Providing high tech facilities one acre to five acres.

Consulting: For investment companies, universities, start ups, and more.

New Construction:  We are available for building, project management & installations.

Current Structures: We can give advice on structures from just built to 20+ years old, even retrofitting.  We know sometimes an outside opinion can give your operation the solution you have been seeking.

Greenhouse Project Management:  Whether you have 1 acre or 140+ acres to build we can be your eyes. We will go through the process with you, and insure that your project is built to scope and on schedule.





Insect Netting

Crop wire (Midwest based)

Screen Cloth

Grow lights

Metric pipe

Metal fabricating (Midwest based)

Irrigation Units

We are proud to represent the following companies in the United States:

 We pride ourselves in our long history of accomplishments through our partnerships with our customers.  We treat each project as if it were our own greenhouse by striving for perfection, which leads to repeat customers.  Sometimes during the planning and building phases unforeseen circumstances arise and we will offer solutions to guide you thru. We want you to be happy during every step of the process.     

Contact us today to see what SOLUTIONS we have to offer! Our company resume is available to see why we are the right choice for you.


Contact: Julie Gilbert

Email:[email protected]